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Active crowdfunding projects
IcoHeads connects investors, projects and developers together to safely invest into ICO projects
Soft cap:20,000
Hard cap:50,000
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About us
  • The IcoHeads platform is a convenient tool for participating in any crowdfunding project.
  • Quickly and easily register, which you need to do only once to get access to the full database of listed token sales. The Platform allows all Customers to participate in token sales, and offers additional opportunities to its verified and loyal Customers.
  • We are an information platform, with our best interest in facilitating token sales, directing their valued funds raised towards reaching their declared goals.
  • The IcoHeads platform provides a simple and lean crowdfunding solution and is open to accepting token sales at any stage of their development.
  • Get a standardized box solution and launch crowdfunding for your project in days. Watch the traction and community response, and add additional resources to foster your progress. Our partners are ready to assist you with boosting forward.
  • Our goal is to provide our Customers with maximum reach to token sales, and thus determine token sale success with Customer participation. It should be noted, that we promote trustful environment and do basic screening of incoming projects - as such we reserve right to decline any applying Vendor without reason being stated.
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